My Graphic Arts Education

I have always loved to sketch and paint. I recall when I was six or seven years old, that my cousin told me about one of the graphic arts degrees in Texas that she was interested in getting after she got out of high school. I took informal, non-credit courses in cartooning and Sumi-e painting when I was in my twenties, but didn’t seriously consider a graphics degree at the time.

I gradually became more and more interested in making a career in graphics. When my Dad was considering a transfer to Atlanta, I researched graphic designer degrees in Georgia. Unfortunately, the transfer didn’t pan out (there were no good graphics programs in the area we lived in at the time).

The governor of our state talked up the idea of graphics programs in state community colleges in his second inaugural speech, and I was excited by this, but it didn’t work out as I hoped it would. I qualified for financial aid, but could not get the program I needed at participating schools.

After my recent marriage, I relocated to Detroit. I checked out Michigan graphic designer degrees, and liked what I found. I just enrolled in 101 graphic design schools. After several false starts at a career, I believe I have found the place that will give me the skills and vision to earn a good living and enjoy my work as well.

Find Information About Massage Therapy In Various States

Massage therapy is frequently something that can be utilized. Massage Therapy NCCIH can provide information on programs and funding and information about massage therapy. A certification in massage therapy is a widely sought after certification. Massage therapy is popular field of study requiring approved courses from massage therapy institutions. Most states require a certification in massage therapy from an approved program. There are certified massage therapy schools set up in every state of the union. For instance those who are in Ohio may want to continue attending the Ohio School of Massage Therapy. This is a quality curriculum that can help individuals get certified in the practice in the Buckeye state.

States vary in the amount of oversight and regulation they put into massage therapy programs. That is why it benefits those who are interested in careers in the practice to find out what they need in terms of certification courses for their state and take them. One of the sites to investigate would be those in Texas. This was the thing that you can find when you are looking for the options that you need in Texas cities and towns.

Another thing to understand is that you can find out information in Dallas and one of the websites you can check for that information would be this is the information that you need. It is a great option for those who are in Dallas. It is one of the things you need and can utilize to give you the information about schools, classes, and certifcation for the state of Texas.

Another possible option and resource you can go to for information would be myo therapy. These are the resources you can use to gain information about massage therapy schools in the Fort Worth area. This site can give you the information you need on programs in Texas.

26 year old going back to school for Neo-Natal Nurse

44kb-cosmetology-schools-in-alabamaFinally I am going to start school looking back it has truly been way to long of a wait. At twenty six years old I can still remember looking back to that exciting day in which I graduated high school looking forward to college to a good future and better than that a good paying job. However that all went down the drain that fall as I began to work full time as a night stocker for target I got less and less rest as I was completely on my own finically I couldn’t afford to take a cut in my hours as I was barely making ends meet to start with. So eventually the thoughts about school went away replaced with the thoughts of bills. Yet I still always wanted to be that nurse being a neo-natal nurse was my dream and here I am now married with two kids my husband and I have made the decision for me to go back to school. We have acknowledged that while I’m in school money will be tight but we’ll make it as its time for me to go and full fill my dream. I am currently picking out my classes for school which is extremely exciting I can picture the end result now when all of my hard work pays off and I am finally that nurse with that higher paying job which will allow me to set aside money for vacation and even possibly a small college fund for my kids to be able to go to school that way they won’t have to go through what I did with my schooling track.

My Path to Success

44kb-cosmetology-schools-in-alabamaAs a child, I hated school. Long boring days spent in a classroom seemed like torture. Getting an education seemed point less as I considered myself to be stupid. I never felt as smart as my classmates. All I wanted to do was travel. I craved adventure and seeing the world.

As an adult with a family struggling to make end meets, I now realize the importance of a good education. Without post-high school training or certification finding a job that pays more than minimum wage is difficult. This is why last January I returned to school. At forty-three years of age I am a college freshman.
Instead of a traditional on campus experience, I elected to take online classes. This allows me to continue to work and be a devoted father and husband. Every day I am so excited to learn that I fear my former self would be embarrassed. Now that I am committed to education, I find myself enjoying textbooks and lectures. My professors go out of their way to make the content interesting for adults. I applaud them for their efforts.

By returning to school I have new hope and excitement for my future. Once completing my degree I will be eligible for a large pay raise. Or better yet, I will be able to apply for jobs that I previously would not be considered qualified. I am excited to provide a better life for my family. More than that, I am proud of the example I am setting for my children. They understand it is never too late to become educated.

I am growing as a person not just as a student. As I learn more and more I feel myself becoming the person I never thought I could become. I look forward to the day I graduate. The day my future changes for the better.

The Long Held Dream

44kb-cosmetology-schools-in-alabamaRecently I went to a friend’s graduation. She is 43 years old and just getting her first degree. She was unable to get student loans or aid at the time when she graduated high school in the late 80s. She toiled away as a teacher’s assistant for 15 years, making ridiculously low wages and struggling just to take one class a semester. It took her, in total, 12 years to complete her degree. She was so very excited to finally graduate! She told me about a friend from high school who came from a family of very modest means and who was also, for that reason, able to get full-funding to go to college. Unfortunately my friend’s family earned about $35,000 a year in the late 80s, negating her from nearly every form of financial aid that would have helped her complete her degree then, as she should have been able to.

For those of you who are unclear as to why there is this trend toward degree-completion programs for adults, you can thank Ronald Reagan for that. It was 1985 when this president rather dubiously decided to completely deny student loans to any child from a family making over $32,500 per year! He denied loans, those debentures the government collects their money back on, with interest, once a student graduates, making no sense at all. This is why many continue to pursue the degrees they started some 25 years ago.

The internet is a large part of the degree completion trend. The problem with this finishing of a degree one started so long ago is that the world has changed. A business degree started in 1988 is highly ineffectual today as compared to a degree in computer science or nursing, for example. The important thing for adults who are in degree completion programs today is to be sure to switch gears into a program that reflects the needs of the current employment market and thereby tempering their ardent desire to just get any degree for the sake of feeling like they have accomplished something started so long ago. Don’t arbitrarily continue to pursue a degree in a field that is no longer useful. After all this time, another year or two won’t make too much of a difference and you will graduate with a degree you can immediately plug into the economy rather than just a piece of paper to hang on the wall, representative a degree that once made sense.

My friend is finally a teacher and is able to get some retirement planning going for herself that she was precluded from establishing through the school system while working for 15 years as an aid. She is absolutely enthralled to have finally reached her long-held goal. It can be done but I secretly wonder how many children would have been benefited under her tutelage if only my she was able to become a teacher in her twenties rather than in her forties? In any event, she is happy to be shaping young minds, finally.

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